1. The gorgeous, Liz Devine

  2. Carla

  3. My #spooks

  4. My sister got married, and I was lucky enough to take some behind the scenes photos while being her Maid of Honor. It was such a lovely day. Congrats to Christi & Matt, who are currently surfing in Hawaii.  

    Full Gallery here: HERE

  6. Sometimes when I shoot weddings, I creepily go up to girls I want to photograph and say, “Can I take your picture sometime?” Aly said yes! Hair and Makeup by Jen Brown Makeup.

  7. Vanessa, with expired film.

  8. Shot on an expired disposable camera

  9. From the vault: “Anna Floats,” from 2010. Old photo with a new edit. 

  10. A new favorite from my peoplevsplaces project with timothyburkhart. Flower crown by the lovely Foxglove Studio.

    (Source: peoplevsplaces)

  11. My sisters beagle is one year old. She wanted a puppy portrait. He “just started smiling,” according to her. 

  12. 6AM foggy maternity shoot

  13. Some photos of flower crowns from Foxglove Studio  that she will be making at pitchfork this year! 

  15. New peoplevsplaces! This time featuring a jakimac model, and two random location’s timothyburkhart has been in the past three months. 

    (Source: peoplevsplaces)