1. Gretchen getting ready.

  4. My sweet Vanessa.

  8. Ben in Santa Cruz

  9. Brittany 

  11. Digitally double exposed with filters in front of the lens, but all shot in camera.

  12. We met Sarah who works at the Henry Miller Museum in Big Sur. She has been living in a tent “over there” for six months and takes incredible photos. She’s personable, kind, and she thinks that maybe the cat is Henry Miller Reincarnated, but his name is Theo. She uses a solar powered shower and hates raccoons. She writes a lot of hand-written letters to her friends, and might move back to Santa Cruz one day.  It was wonderful meeting her and she let us close down the place and take her portrait. 

  13. Room Service. 

  14. long drives with this babe through california. 

  15. Brittany in the shower after swimming.