1. My sisters beagle is one year old. She wanted a puppy portrait. He “just started smiling,” according to her. 

  2. 6AM foggy maternity shoot

  3. Some photos of flower crowns from Foxglove Studio  that she will be making at pitchfork this year! 

  5. New peoplevsplaces! This time featuring a jakimac model, and two random location’s timothyburkhart has been in the past three months. 

    (Source: peoplevsplaces)

  6. One month left until we meet baby June! 

  7. Kristen 2011 pt. II

  8. Kristen in 2011

  9. Kayleigh 

  10. Patricia

  11. These photos were Patricia’s wedding day gift to her brand new wife, Abbey. A few days before the wedding, she had the coordinates of the location they met at, tattooed on her hip as a surprise. She’s a babe. 

  13. I shot my second look book for jakimac back in March, and her new site has just launched. She now has her designs at freepeople and urbanoutfitters and is doing really wonderful things in the fashion world! So glad I’ve gotten to photograph her stuff a few times, and can’t wait for all her future success! http://jakimac.com/pages/campaigns

  14. Playing with double exposures while shooting a wedding. 

  15. My pretty sister at her bachelorette party