1. New peoplevsplaces from timothyburkhart and I. 

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  2. Vanessa, with expired film.

  3. Shot on an expired disposable camera

  4. A new favorite from my peoplevsplaces project with timothyburkhart. Flower crown by the lovely Foxglove Studio.

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  5. New peoplevsplaces! This time featuring a jakimac model, and two random location’s timothyburkhart has been in the past three months. 

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  6. peoplevsplaces:

    Here is an old PVP we never posted to get us in the mood for our new roll that is currently at the lab. Fingers crossed we get some good stuff! 

  7. Coachella at night. For a complete gallery of Coachella photos, visit my Flickr.

  8. For a complete gallery of Coachella photos, check out my Flickr.

  9. timothyburkhart and I got a nice little write up from the fantastic people at thedefineschool for peoplevsplaces


    Wonderful write up from thedefineschool

  13. late night swim in hotel pool

  14. Santa Cruz boardwalk

  15. headless