1. Gretchen getting ready.

  3. timothyburkhart and I got a nice little write up from the fantastic people at thedefineschool for peoplevsplaces


    Wonderful write up from thedefineschool

  4. Kristen & Drew

  5. ryansievert took a photo of Vom & I this morning. 

  6. Kicking off the 2014 wedding season with Jacob + Sarah. If you or someone you know is getting married in 2015, I would love to photograph it! You can view more of my wedding work HERE.


  7. Two of my closest and most creative friends partnered with Honey Maid and made this beautiful video with a very important message. I couldn’t be more proud of these girls! Please watch this video, spread it around, and check out more of theindoprojects work HERE.

  8. Beautiful Crystal, 24 weeks pregnant. 

  11. Budapest last September. 

  12. My sweet Vanessa.