1. The gorgeous, Liz Devine

  2. Carla

  3. My #spooks

  4. Laura + Jason, Engaged! 

  5. My sister got married, and I was lucky enough to take some behind the scenes photos while being her Maid of Honor. It was such a lovely day. Congrats to Christi & Matt, who are currently surfing in Hawaii.  

    Full Gallery here: HERE

  7. Baby Anna & Christie

  8. Sometimes when I shoot weddings, I creepily go up to girls I want to photograph and say, “Can I take your picture sometime?” Aly said yes! Hair and Makeup by Jen Brown Makeup.

  9. Chicago boat tour

  10. Sadie + Brandon on the blog. Click the photo for all the photo! 

  11. New peoplevsplaces from timothyburkhart and I. 

    (Source: peoplevsplaces)

  12. Vanessa, with expired film.

  13. Shot on an expired disposable camera

  14. From the vault: “Anna Floats,” from 2010. Old photo with a new edit. 

  15. Kristen & Drew’s wedding HERE: