1. Kristen & Drew’s wedding HERE: 

  2. Kristen & Drew

  3. A new favorite from my peoplevsplaces project with timothyburkhart. Flower crown by the lovely Foxglove Studio.

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  4. New peoplevsplaces from timothyburkhart and I. One of my faves. 

    (Source: peoplevsplaces)

  5. actuallygrimes at pitchfork 

    Full album HERE

  6. @dumdumgirls at pitchfork

    Full album HERE 

  7. Full gallery HERE

  8. Friday Pitchfork 2014

  9. Birthday nap.

  10. I call this series: This Dumb Cat In My Bed

  11. I have known Nikki since she was a baby. I was so glad I got to shoot her beautiful wedding. 

  12. My sisters beagle is one year old. She wanted a puppy portrait. He “just started smiling,” according to her. 

  14. (Source: peoplevsplaces)

  15. 6AM foggy maternity shoot